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Howdy- warm welcome to y'all. We are a small, family owned business based in Texas.  I am Jenny, accompanied by my husband, Clint, and our delightful companions, the gremlins.

Allow me to share the inspiration behind "Haus II Home." Drawing from my own heritage, my maiden name is Hauser. Our aspiration is to assist you and your loved ones in curating a haven of comfort—a true home. This concept also serves as a tribute to the legacy of my family and the haven we are diligently nurturing. It's a continuous voyage of transformation—transmuting a mere house (Haus) into a cherished sanctuary (Home). A whimsical touch, isn't it?

In the year 2020, I took the significant step of officially departing from my practice in family law. As with many, adapting to an unforeseen "new normal" and embracing the role of a stay-at-home parent and educator presented its own set of challenges. To channel my creativity, I found solace in the world of candles, crafting distinctive aromas and ambiances. Along this path, I cultivated a deep appreciation for fellow artisans and their exceptional talents. This appreciation kindled the idea of introducing others to these remarkable creations. The prospect of sharing these splendid offerings with all of you has filled me with immense enthusiasm. I hold the aspiration that this marks the inception of something truly splendid—a journey I earnestly invite you to embark upon alongside us.